Castle: Season 6 Premiere {Synopsis and Review}


Season 5 of Castle leaves us Beckett debating whether to accept a Federal job in Washington, D. C. Castle doesn’t make this decision any easier when the season ends right after he proposes to Beckett.


Season 6 begins at the exact moment where season 5 left off. Castle has just asked Beckett to marry him. She flips out, tells him that she accepted the job in D.C., then accepts his proposal. We then skip to two months later. Beckett is in training in D.C. while Castle has just finished up a large book tour.

In this episode, we see that Alexis has come home from Costa Rica, with a new boy. We are also given a glimpse into Det. Ryan’s life as he nervously prepares for the birth of his first child.

The real story begins when Castle goes to D.C. to visit Beckett. Of course Castle isn’t able to help himself when he learns that Beckett is working on a classified assignment. As he invests himself more into the case, he gets mixed up with a black ops sector of the military. And let’s just say that the ending of this season premiere is ridiculous!

It is completely unfair that there is a “To Be Continued” on the first episode of the season. Though this was a smart move on the writers part, because from the beginning we are now invested into the whole season. It will be interesting to see how Castle and Beckett’s relationship plays out throughout the season with them now being in a long distance relationship. It will also be interesting to see how they continue to incorporate Det. Ryan and Det. Esposito into the storyline.

Even through all of this, I am excited to watch the next episode to see where they go from here.


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